About Us

Golf Carts Unlimited has been family owned and operated since 1992!

Jeff Dimit has been fixing golf carts since he was a teenager. Dimit’s father owned and operated an auto sales business in Center Township and told his son he could keep the money he got from fixing and selling an old golf cart he had on the grounds. So, Dimit got it working, put an advertisement in the newspaper, and sold it almost immediately for $500.00. He took that money and went to the auto auction, where he bought another old golf cart. He fixed that one up too, and with his profits, he bought two more carts to fix and sell. Dimit repeated the cycle throughout high school and while attending Butler County Community College where he studied business management.

Today, Golf Carts Unlimited has over 300 carts to choose from plus $175,000 in parts in parts and accessories in stock!

Zac & Davis when they were young, on one of the earliest carts Dimit fixed up for his little sister, Jen.


Shirley Hughes.

Cyrus, the Golf Carts Unlimited Great Dane!!

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